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It started with the joy of giving

Who We are

MVE Is a project started by a brother and sister that travelled volunteering and learning from different cultures around the world. The experience they gained from getting to know different people and the personal satisfaction they got from helping people to achieve a good cause is immense.

They realize that they have spent a lot of time giving, sharing and connecting with magnificent cities and towns in different countries, but they where missing the most important one for them. Their home city.

That´s why in order to give back everything that the city gave to them, they decided to start this project where they gather people form all over the world that want to help them with extra hands, hearts and minds, to achieve the goal of making Mexico a warmer place, and showing the world that society can change.

In exchange, the volunteers are guaranteed to learn from the culture, know beautiful places, and to live like an authentic Mexican, one of the happiest societies in the world.


Living Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of it´s country, With 21 Million People is one of the most populated cities in the world. That means so much things to do and so many cultures joined together in a big city.

The city offers you the option to chose how tourist or how local you want your visit to be, with magnificent monuments and museums to visit, plenty of parks and classic beautiful neighborhoods to walk or ride, and an amazing nightlife to party like a real Mexican would, where you never go back home without a new friend.

It´s gastronomy is one of the most important in the world, try the authentic Mexican food in the best restaurants in the world

Safety First

Here in MVE it´s our priority to keep you safe during your whole stay with us, we know the many places that are safe to be at any time, and we´ll guide you and give you every instructions you need to know to be safe.

A person from our team will live with you and be at your reach 24/7 to ensure you that you are not alone


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